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Welcome to our blog: Thrilled to be traveling. Your travel advisor Debbie Ellis

Hello! I have been meaning to start this informative and fun blog for years and here we go. Let me introduce myself to you. I am a wife, mom to two in college and three older stepchildren, caretaker to our two dogs, one cat and six chickens in southern New Hampshire.

Since 2004, I have been working on my own and found my way to travel in 2019. I sold my former business, a paint and sip creative arts studio, and started making a list of what I wanted next. I was taking my oldest on college tours and enjoying some freedom after working many nights and weekend. At a travel show, I saw a life size poster saying, "You can work from here". There it was, it checked all the boxes and I was ready to jump in~

Last year, I leveled up and joined Gifted Travel Network, a host agency run by dynamic and smart women. It was an investment in my career to help me position myself within the luxury field by giving me the support I needed as an entrepreneur. We are also partnered with Virtuoso, the leading consortia in the world of travel.

What is luxury? I pondered the question long and hard before making this change. I even asked the lady I was speaking to from GTN. What I have learned is luxury isn't a simple definition as it is relative. It can be luxury service from my agency, offering luxury products and experiences, luxurious destination and dining. For me, I want you to experience luxury in your way. What is that for you? I would love to help you make that happen!

Now I spend my time helping my clients create vacations that they have dreamed of for a long time in destinations all over the world. My niche is helping families and couples to locations including (but not limited to) Europe, Hawaii and the Caribbean. I also love sharing the beauty that is in New England, where I have lived for almost my whole life.

My family on the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii, May of 2023.

I look forward to sharing tips and ideas for traveling with you. Let me know if you have an idea for a topic!

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