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My first Virtuoso Travel Week + Maui

The recent conference proved to be both invigorating and quite demanding, in a good way. While I've attended conferences in the past, this one stood out uniquely.

The values of connection and fostering a sense of community hold great significance in both my personal ethos and my travel enterprise. This event provided me with the wonderful opportunity to reunite with familiar faces from my host agency and to further nurture existing relationships.

The impressive turnout of over 5,000 attendees left me truly inspired. Witnessing the enthusiasm of so many individuals striving for the advancement of their businesses and the betterment of their affiliated companies was a sight to behold. The event facilitated a blend of structured meetings, immersive interactions with suppliers akin to traversing the global community, and enlightening sessions dedicated to professional growth. All these components are pivotal for cultivating a comprehensive entrepreneurial skill set.

Having embarked on my independent business journey back in 2004, the experience served as a humbling reminder that there is always more to absorb and learn.

While at the conference in Las Vegas, It was wonderful to reconnect with the kindred spirits I had the privilege of meeting in Maui during my last visit to Hawaii in May. These remarkable individuals reached out to me with a heartfelt request: to spread the word that Maui is once again open to those who seek both the beauty of the island and the opportunity to contribute positively, especially in light of the recent wildfires that have affected the region.

While certain parts, such as Lahaina and the west side, are regrettably closed for now, the spirit of resilience shines through with the scheduled openings of Kaanapali and Kapalua in October. Notably, the stunning Wailea area remains unaffected and its hotels stand ready to welcome guests with open arms. The airport and planes have been unusually quiet, rental cars are accumulating, and this unanticipated situation is further exacerbating the challenges faced by Maui.

If the thought of visiting Maui has ever crossed your mind, now presents a remarkable moment to embark on that journey. And for those who have cherished the island in the past, it's an ideal opportunity to return and extend a helping hand to the people of Maui. The implications of sluggish business revival could soon lead to unfortunate layoffs and more stress and strain on the lovely people of Maui.

While my efforts to raise awareness have been ongoing, some confusion still lingers. The truth is, Maui is a diverse tapestry of communities, with Lahaina representing just one facet.

Would you consider venturing to Maui at this juncture and aiding those affected by the fires? I am diligently crafting a plan to assemble a group in the first quarter of 2024, dedicated to both lending a helping hand through service initiatives and enjoying the island's splendor. These endeavors won't entail strenuous tasks; rather, they might involve spending a day with a shelter dog from the humane society or contributing at a local food bank. These activities will take place in areas well removed from the fire's impact.

Let's channel our efforts towards giving back in the most meaningful way possible. In the week ahead, I'll gladly share the resources I've discovered that can truly make a significant difference. Stay tuned for the next post in this series about Maui.

Mahalo nui for reading.

Wishing you a splendid Labor Day, and to parents, I trust the back-to-school season and college move-ins have transpired smoothly.

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