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Play Pickleball on Vacation with us!

We are going to a warm spot in November (think dark dreary short days...) to level up our pickleball game and enjoy a health focused getaway!

Join Michael, Doria and me to play and have some beachy fun after getting in a conditioning workout with Doria and a pickleball lesson and play with Michael.

We will have a welcome gathering the first night and our lessons begin the following day.

Want to stay longer? I can get you a great price on a room at the resort.

Can't find a friend to join you? No worries, we are friendly and fun people.

All inclusive fun, all food and beverages included in the Yucatan.

Are you newer to Pickleball? Great, you'll fit right in.

Have you been playing for years? Awesome, you'll fit right in.

We will break the group up so newbies are seperate from intermediate players.

I started playing three years ago. I drove an hour for my college roomate to teach me the game. Next I started a group on facebook in my town and it's grown to 800+ people. It's really great! We partnered with our town's recreation department to schedule our time on the courts and now we are working with them on our trip, too.

Currently, our single rooms are booked, but we are looking into adding more.

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